Tesla Downsizing

If you have not been paying attention to Elon Musk in the last few years, then you might not know that he has been saying some pretty obvious things with regards to using as few humans as possible to accomplish the task at hand. The original intention was to make the assembly line completely automated. […]

Preordering the Model 3 got me a way better car!

It was April 1st 2016 I saw a friend of mine pre-order the Model 3.  At the time, I knew of Tesla, but I wasn’t following it closely enough to know that a Model 3 unveiling was taking place the day before.  My friend ordering a Model 3 immediately caught my interest.  I discussed it […]

Physical Location Reduction

And like that *poof*… they’re gone. Bricks and mortar, physical locations, places where you can test drive a Tesla, they are no longer. Tesla Model 3s are everywhere now.  And by everywhere, I mean everywhere I go.  Because I drive one. At the unveil of the Model 3, they showed 3 different variations.  It wasn’t […]

Tunnels are Roads 2.0

Elon Musk started the Boring Company to dig tunnels.  Does this make sense to do?  As one of the worlds most famous engineers, why would anybody focus on this. Elon drives through L.A.  The traffic is not good.  The amount of time cars spend moving slowly or stopped is high.  A tunnel underneath, that had […]

WordPress Plugin ACF-Javascript

Have you ever wanted to write code on a tablet in a Tesla? I have. Maybe not the most common problem, but since I want to work on this page, it would be nice to be able to edit some javascript. But getting Javascript into your WordPress page is not something WordPress does nicely by […]

Agree, Disagree, Neutral

When it comes to improvements on voting systems, there are some long-standing methods used in democracy that may now make sense to revisit: Should you pick a single candidate from a list of candidates?  Why can you not pick two candidates?  Or weight your entry 60/40 in the favor of one candidate and another. If […]

3 Mistakes Preventing Ice Vehicle Manufacturers from Catching Tesla

Have you ever played the game 52 pickup?  It takes much less time to make a mess than it does to clean it up.  I can’t begin to understand Tesla as a company from an accounting point of view, a legal point of view, or even engineering point of view. I do feel comfortable looking […]

Future Tesla Enhanced Security System

Here is how I think Tesla will bring a security system to Tesla vehicles. Proximity sensors take stills and immediately uploaded them to the cloud. Damage detection system activated by the enhanced autopilot algorithms similar to self driving system. Tesla’s self driving algorithm is a very simple (and by simple I mean brilliant) data pattern […]