May 28th, 2020

The Downward Spiral of Legacy Auto

Jeremy is awesome. You should subscribe to his YouTube channels. In this video he outlines how Legacy Auto needs to get rid of inventory and this forces them to discount which creates demand problems for new inventory and puts pressure on the executives of the company which may face the chopping block if they don’t […]

Why Elon Musk is Scared of A.I. (and Mark Zuckerburg isn’t)

Great Software Developers factor worst case scenarios. For example, in Computer Science we are taught how to look at algorithms in terms of run time and measure based on a worst case scenario. I often find myself considering worst case scenarios wrt security, resource usage, scalability and attempt to build according to what craziness I […]

Tesla Auto Repossess

Love this moonshot idea. Buy a CyberTruck. If you don’t make a payment, the car will just reposess itself. 30 days leeway.

Tesla Test Drives – Tesla Referral Program 2.0 (or 3.0?)

At one point Elon outright cancelled Tesla’s referral program. Why do this? Why discard some well-developed money making program? Because it was losing money. You see, when you have more demand than you can meet, driving up demand doesn’t make sense. And incentivizing people to increase demand is counter-productive. Increasing demand is not good for […]

Tesla’s Success due to “Make it Better” Attitude

When products are developed, there tends to be a point where most workers will state “Good Enough!”. But not at Tesla. The question is always, “How Can We Do BETTER?”. Technology builds upon itself. In order to improve, most look to the latest superficial customer facing issues. But to really improve, to the point where […]

February 17th, 2020

Canadian Nickel Stocks

If you’ve been following Tesla, you will likely be aware of the upcoming Battery Investor (Company Day) in April at GF2 Buffalo. As Ivan from the EV Stock Channel points out here: Nickel takes up a large percentage of the Li-ion cell composition. And with Canada being near Tesla and a producer of nickel, it […]

February 17th, 2020

Will Dojo be run on HW2?

This is one of my least certain speculations, but it stems from the question, what is Tesla going to do with all the replaced HW2 in the HW3 upgrades? Thousands, if not tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands?) of replaced HW2 modules will be inherited by Tesla in the coming months as they upgrade […]

FSD Redundancy

The Tesla Autonomy Day left me a little bit perplexed. Here Elon says: “The general principle here is that any part of this could fail and the car will keep driving. So you could have cameras fail, you could have power circuits fail, you could have one of the Tesla FSD computer chips fail and […]

Engineering a TSLA Short Squeeze

I actually did read Jim Cramers Mad Money book. One of the few books I have read. Doesn’t make me an expert, but he described how he himself was short squeezed and since it is way worse than everybody is talking about for TSLA, I feel like it is a good thing to write about […]