TSLA Valuation

Based on this post you can see there was a massive downturn for Tesla Q4 2018 which it almost recovers from before getting slammed again in Q1 2019. What caused this? Was it justified? Should TSLA be at a new record high? If not, where should it be? I think TSLA deserves a record high. […]

Tesla Record Deliveries – Stock Price vs. Delivery Highs & Lows

This graph illustrates level highs for both deliveries and stock price. If you feel that vehicles delivered is an important metric, one that should impact the stock price the most, then this graph is a simple illustration of how both of these metrics correlate. Does Tesla deserve a new high for hitting a record quarter? […]

Tesla Next Batch Algorithm

//If you are reading this, I suggest you skip it. You have been warned. At some point, Tesla will face the decision: [which car to make next?] Hardware specifics that exist tangibly including paint colour, # motors, performance, battery size, r/l hand drive etc. need to be built in batches. Tesla will want to minimize […]

The TSLA Tug o’ War

In Q1 2019, Tesla did a capital raise. Wall St was talking and talking about how a capital raise was necessary. Elon Musk had previously stated that he had no intention on doing capital raises in the future. But he did. And this was … good? When Wall St for years points at you and […]

Hater’s gonna hate

This article from The Drive does well to draw parallels from industry envy and how leaders suffer from envy in the industries they disrupt. He points out that he loves his car and Tesla is way ahead. He points fingers at all other car dealers and accuses them of not stepping it up. And points […]

2020 will be a good year for Solar

California approves solar power law for new homes built from 2020 TSLAQ thinking is so short-sighted. Shorts have to exit. What the stock price is today only matters if you buy/sell today. For those who hold, it is the future value we seek. Shorts can wave their fists and cry “demand is uncertain”. But ultimately, […]

Best Model 3 Bass Tracks

Pass the Knife – Cypress Hill Fighting Fire – Breakage

Tesla Demand

Do people demand the best? If so, then Tesla has ample demand. The cars are spreading out, I see new ones all the time. Colleagues ask me if they can ride in my car. They don’t advertise but instead generate ample positive organic content. The things they do are incredible enough for people to spread […]

Why is growth the most important metric?

My name is Jeff. I am going to buy a lemonade stand. This lemonade stand costs me $100. But for every $80 I spend on labour/ingredients expenses, I make $100. My first year, I only ran the one stand. I spend $100 on the stand and $80 on expenses. So I ended up -$80. Instead […]