July 7th, 2020

Tesla Insurance

Wishing I could work to further develop Tesla Insurance.

June 5th, 2020

TSLA Exceeds $800/share in June 2020

1 Year ago, TSLA was trading at $205.95. And what a roller coaster ride it has been. In December 2019, TSLA passes $400 for the first time ever. And with a 2X gain in the last 6 months, you might think it was headed for market correction. It was then when I wrote the article […]

Why Elon Musk is Scared of A.I. (and Mark Zuckerburg isn’t)

Great Software Developers factor worst case scenarios. For example, in Computer Science we are taught how to look at algorithms in terms of run time and measure based on a worst case scenario. I often find myself considering worst case scenarios wrt security, resource usage, scalability and attempt to build according to what craziness I […]

Let Alex Guberman Write the Questions to be posed Between Two Ferns

I first became aware of Alex Guberman’s YouTube Channel E for Electric at the Semi unveil. His live stream was actually better than Tesla’s which was seemingly having load issues. On numerous occasions, Alex has criticised Elon’s interviewers for not asking tougher questions. Recently Alex made mention that Elon only interviews with Fanboys. And with […]

April 17th, 2020

A whole lot of people just gave up on CNN

CNN vs. Elon Musk What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 16, 2020 Think about the world we would live in without Twitter.

Tesla’s Success due to “Make it Better” Attitude

When products are developed, there tends to be a point where most workers will state “Good Enough!”. But not at Tesla. The question is always, “How Can We Do BETTER?”. Technology builds upon itself. In order to improve, most look to the latest superficial customer facing issues. But to really improve, to the point where […]

February 15th, 2020

The Great Talent Multiplex

Getting Talent for Tesla is a challenge. Elon has said recently that they are spending money in ways that make sense. Money isn’t the issue, it is getting superb talent to spend money on that is the real challenge. Enter the Design Factory in China and also Berlin. The best European and Chinese Designers and […]

February 3rd, 2020

Remembering the $420 Private Tweet

It is interesting to look back at TSLA for the last few years. In a nutshell, Tesla posted good quarters, the stock started to rally, Elon said stuff the SEC didn’t like and the stock tanked. Twice. At one point, the SEC claimed Elon was inflating the share price and that the funding was not […]

FSD Redundancy

The Tesla Autonomy Day left me a little bit perplexed. Here Elon says: “The general principle here is that any part of this could fail and the car will keep driving. So you could have cameras fail, you could have power circuits fail, you could have one of the Tesla FSD computer chips fail and […]