Slim Framework

What is this technology good for?

Slim provides the benefits of a framework structure with minimal bloating.

Who can make use of this technology?

PHP Developers who are looking to benefit from pre-existing style guidelines, naming conventions etc, without excessive dependencies.

Why should somebody use this technology over alternatives?

Using a framework is typically better than not using any framework at all.  Given enough time, a PHP Developer will naturally draw the same conclusions in that you want to push everything through a central index file with minimal mod-rewrites, you want your code to have end points that make good sense, you need consistent entry points into the code, you want to group your files together into common reusable libraries, you want well defined locations to put assets and break apart model/view/controller code and you want to take advantage of third party libraries with a package manager like composer.

The third party libraries with regards to frameworks can be pretty heavy even on the initial install.  If you were to package up your code and deploy it all combined, these superfluous libraries cause slowness with deployment.  By using Slim’s framework you minimise the initial bloating.

What I like about this technology

By reducing the initial size of the framework, it makes the approach much more “first principles” than other frameworks.