Shopify did this:

That is, they changed the defaults of the variants from having inventory not applicable, to having inventory managed by Shopify and 0 inventory.

Yesterday we had a nice stable system that would programmatically create variants and allow users to add those variants to their cart without a problem.

Today, these variants that were created programmatically through the exact same process prevents people from adding these products to their cart and instead returns an error that no inventory exists for this product.

Changing defaults has tremendous fallout.  While some users may complain that it is an extra step to turn inventory on, it is far better to leave the default in place than it is to change it and force many to adjust and rewrite code to fix this change.

Not only is this not smart, but this is one of the first lessons you learn as a developer.  Pick good defaults before you release the features.  Don’t change them after.  C’mon Shopify, this is a rookie mistake.


December 5th, 2018

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