Tesla saving money by switching to FSD.

Even if you watched the almost full 4 hours of video for Tesla Autonomy Day, you may have missed the 10 second slide that explains one very important thing. [Edit April 24] As it turns out, there are several mentions of this in the video. I timed the slide, wrote the sentence and now I […]

NVIDIA disputes Tesla’s TOPS

A good article from Electric NVIDIA disputes some of Tesla’s FSD computer claims, but they miss the main point nicely points out the importance of power consumption in this debate. I have some more opinions on the matter. What makes a fair comparison? Is it fair to compare a product in mass production to a […]

Self Driving Vector Space

In Tesla’s latest FSD Investor schpeel, Andrej Karpathy does a great presentation about using cameras to create a vector space. What is a vector space? Well, it is basically the most minified 3d model you can get. There would be 3d co-ordinates [latitude, longitude, altitude] and functions contained within these coordinates that traverse this 3d […]

Should you Buy Tesla AutoPilot or FSD?
Use this Algorithm.

var bankBalance = $50000; var autopilot = { thingYouWant: ‘autopilot’ cost: $5000; } var fsd = { thingYouWant: ‘fsd’ cost: $7000; } var otherThingsYouReallyWant = [ { thingYouWant: ‘vacation’, cost: $6000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘cottage’, cost: $120000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘boat’, cost: $20000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘trailer’, cost: $22000 } ]; function buy(purchase){ log(purchase); bankBalance […]

Hey Elon, can these cars self drive in the snow?

If not, can I be part of the team that solves that? And by “team that solves that”, I mean the blind camera, 5G from Starlink, In depth GPS paths within 1 mile. Radar as much as possible and assume caked up proxy sensors to at least decide when to stop. Also traction control stopping. […]

Miltary Applications for Tesla

What military applications you ask? Let’s back up a bit. Tesla has a feature promise of “Full Self Driving”. Their focus on solving this problem has been sensor input, data collection, and hardware optimisation. As a Tesla vehicle drives down the road, it will need to make constant calculations to answer the question “will that […]