Best Model 3 Bass Tracks

Pass the Knife – Cypress Hill Fighting Fire – Breakage

Playing Netflix in a Model 3

A hacker did it It is cool. I personally don’t see it worth time to focus on developing something Tesla has committed to giving but… it is cool.

What does Tesla do Best?

Deliver electric cars (Most electric cars sold in U.S) Make electric motors (fast and awesome) Make software upgradable cars (minimal static inputs and most feature rich with OTA updates) Produce factories (Shanghai has been on world record pace thus far) Autonomy. They have all the correct seeds planted to have these vehicles learn how to […]

Tesla Robo-Taxi Audit

2 days ago, Inside EV’s released the article Is Leasing A Tesla Model 3 A $200,000 Mistake? This article comments on a video from the owner of Tesloop – Haydn Sonnad. Very few authorities hold a candle to Tesloop in this regard because Tesloop is a Tesla-centric taxi service having already operated many years and […]

Tesla saving money by switching to FSD.

Even if you watched the almost full 4 hours of video for Tesla Autonomy Day, you may have missed the 10 second slide that explains one very important thing. [Edit April 24] As it turns out, there are several mentions of this in the video. I timed the slide, wrote the sentence and now I […]

Hey Elon, can these cars self drive in the snow?

If not, can I be part of the team that solves that? And by “team that solves that”, I mean the blind camera, 5G from Starlink, In depth GPS paths within 1 mile. Radar as much as possible and assume caked up proxy sensors to at least decide when to stop. Also traction control stopping. […]

Major Model 3 Enhancements

In January 2018, I sat in Yo Yo Xue’s Model 3 seeing it for the first time at the Kingston Super Charger. After that, this happened: Shortly there after, I took delivery of my Model 3. This was the end of June 2018. Since that time, I have benefited from software upgrades which include […]

Preordering the Model 3 got me a way better car!

It was April 1st 2016 I saw a friend of mine pre-order the Model 3.  At the time, I knew of Tesla, but I wasn’t following it closely enough to know that a Model 3 unveiling was taking place the day before.  My friend ordering a Model 3 immediately caught my interest.  I discussed it […]

Future Tesla Enhanced Security System

Here is how I think Tesla will bring a security system to Tesla vehicles. Proximity sensors take stills and immediately uploaded them to the cloud. Damage detection system activated by the enhanced autopilot algorithms similar to self driving system. Tesla’s self driving algorithm is a very simple (and by simple I mean brilliant) data pattern […]