FSD Redundancy

The Tesla Autonomy Day left me a little bit perplexed. Here Elon says: “The general principle here is that any part of this could fail and the car will keep driving. So you could have cameras fail, you could have power circuits fail, you could have one of the Tesla FSD computer chips fail and […]

Engineering a TSLA Short Squeeze

I actually did read Jim Cramers Mad Money book. One of the few books I have read. Doesn’t make me an expert, but he described how he himself was short squeezed and since it is way worse than everybody is talking about for TSLA, I feel like it is a good thing to write about […]

Elon Musk MasterClass

While there are many MasterClasses which Elon Musk could give and I would happily take… this probably isn’t one of them. Who are we kidding? I’d still take it.

Grimes Cyberpunk 2077

Love Grimes.

Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Shatters Expectations!

I have heard a lot of people say that the mood got sucked out of the room when the steel ball hit the window on the Cybertruck. I can see that. But I have also heard something else I don’t believe. That after this happened, Elon couldn’t wait to get off the stage and he […]

CyberTruck Specs

The morning after: After seeing social media fallout of this truck, people and TSLA are behaving pretty much exactly how I expected they would. When you come out and say “…this truck won’t be for everyone…” he pretty much nailed it. I reserved because I was going to no matter what. In fact, the reservation […]

How to CAPITALIZE your T$LA position

How can one double their position on Tesla? Well, if you were to buy low and sell high in the last 6 months, you would have doubled your money. How can you capitalize on Tesla volatility? Let’s start with 1000 shares. When is the best time to get in? Obviously at the bottom. So how […]

Elon’s Twitter Rants

Elon Musk behaves impulsively on Twitter. So does everybody else, but Elon is not allowed. He is not allowed because a person in his position could leak material information. He has a lot of cards he is playing close to the chest, so he needs to tread carefully. And apparently the SEC has rules. Control […]