3 Reasons Why I am So Confident TSLA Shorts are Screwed.

Elon wants to be profitable and was Q4 2018 Elon has squashed all other FUD Elon proved in Q3 that Tesla can be profitable this year Elon has said last year that Tesla should be profitable every quarter going forward … except maybe Q1 2019. Q1’s typically dip in sales because due to seasonality, demand […]

Epic Short Squeeze Coming

Last week, I wrote about Engineering a Short Squeeze. The moral of that article is that the squeeze worsens if people attempt to capitalise on their Short Positions with the mentality that “Sell High Buy Low” during the actual squeeze. Well, according to this guy Yes, #Tesla $TSLA, with short interest of $14.468 billion, leapfrogged […]

TSLA Could be a 5X Rally – It’s done it before.

The day was March 22 2013. Tesla was trading at $36.62/share. September 27th 2013, Tesla was trading at $190.90/share. In just over 6 months, Tesla climbed 518%. In 2019, Tesla dipped to $178.97/share in May. 6 months later they were at $352.22/share and this was not even a new high. Today Tesla hit $542.52/share which […]

Worth Watching

I watch Jeremy because I value his opinion on TSLA.

FSD Redundancy

The Tesla Autonomy Day left me a little bit perplexed. Here Elon says: “The general principle here is that any part of this could fail and the car will keep driving. So you could have cameras fail, you could have power circuits fail, you could have one of the Tesla FSD computer chips fail and […]

Engineering a TSLA Short Squeeze

I actually did read Jim Cramers Mad Money book. One of the few books I have read. Doesn’t make me an expert, but he described how he himself was short squeezed and since it is way worse than everybody is talking about for TSLA, I feel like it is a good thing to write about […]

Tesla Fan Insights

I like this YouTuber Greg Crossfield. He will have many many more than 4.18K subscribers in the next 2 years.

Should I be the #1 TSLA Analyst?

I estimated Tesla would deliver 113,200 cars this quarter. Tesla delivered 112,000 cars. I overshot by 1,200 cars. How did you do Wall St.? My price Target on TSLA is currently $800 in July 2020. Congratulations to Tesla Employees, Elon and congratulations to all new owners! Current predictions for Q1 and Q2 2020 are 171,000 […]

Elon Musk MasterClass

While there are many MasterClasses which Elon Musk could give and I would happily take… this probably isn’t one of them. Who are we kidding? I’d still take it.