Insure My Tesla

I wondered many of times… will Tesla leverage their knowledge of vehicle safety to start their own insurance program? Why not give Tesla the premiums? They can provide rangers parts immediately upon claims. When Tesla does something, they remove all the friction they can to ensure users have the best experience possible. Shopping around for […]

Tesla saving money by switching to FSD.

Even if you watched the almost full 4 hours of video for Tesla Autonomy Day, you may have missed the 10 second slide that explains one very important thing. [Edit April 24] As it turns out, there are several mentions of this in the video. I timed the slide, wrote the sentence and now I […]

NVIDIA disputes Tesla’s TOPS

A good article from Electric NVIDIA disputes some of Tesla’s FSD computer claims, but they miss the main point nicely points out the importance of power consumption in this debate. I have some more opinions on the matter. What makes a fair comparison? Is it fair to compare a product in mass production to a […]

Self Driving Vector Space

In Tesla’s latest FSD Investor schpeel, Andrej Karpathy does a great presentation about using cameras to create a vector space. What is a vector space? Well, it is basically the most minified 3d model you can get. There would be 3d co-ordinates [latitude, longitude, altitude] and functions contained within these coordinates that traverse this 3d […]

Should you Buy Tesla AutoPilot or FSD?
Use this Algorithm.

var bankBalance = $50000; var autopilot = { thingYouWant: ‘autopilot’ cost: $5000; } var fsd = { thingYouWant: ‘fsd’ cost: $7000; } var otherThingsYouReallyWant = [ { thingYouWant: ‘vacation’, cost: $6000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘cottage’, cost: $120000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘boat’, cost: $20000 } ,{ thingYouWant: ‘trailer’, cost: $22000 } ]; function buy(purchase){ log(purchase); bankBalance […]

Hey Elon, can these cars self drive in the snow?

If not, can I be part of the team that solves that? And by “team that solves that”, I mean the blind camera, 5G from Starlink, In depth GPS paths within 1 mile. Radar as much as possible and assume caked up proxy sensors to at least decide when to stop. Also traction control stopping. […]

Lining up Tesla’s Highs and Lows from 2012 to 2019

I will update the above image when the 2019 Q1 delivery graph from Electrek comes out. Here is 2018 Q4. As you can see, in the beginning, the chart seems to follow closely to the deliveries. *Summer 2011 to April 2013: In Tesla’s early stock years, you can see the deliveries and stock price aligning […]

Major Model 3 Enhancements

In January 2018, I sat in Yo Yo Xue’s Model 3 seeing it for the first time at the Kingston Super Charger. After that, this happened: Shortly there after, I took delivery of my Model 3. This was the end of June 2018. Since that time, I have benefited from software upgrades which include […]

Expect Tesla to Buy Storage Locker Chains or Franchises

I don’t work for Tesla. I have had no point of contact with anybody from Tesla other than two support emails inquiring about how often you should undercoat your car (never) and whether AP/FSD can be transferred to the purchase of a new Tesla (no they don’t). From time to time, I think about the […]