TSLA hits $420!!!!!

I wanted to sell some shares at $420 just because. These shares I purchased at $194 during the big dip. Congrats to Tesla and all other TSLA Longs! My next take profit will be $800/share.

Tesla Knight Rider Mode 2020

It is quite common for Elon Musk to pay tribute with Easter Eggs, Inspiration Credit, or just flat out blatant features like “Keep Summer Safe” which stem from pop culture television and movies. One amazing car which Elon and Tesla have yet to pay tribute to is Knight Rider. What is so cool about Knight […]

Must Watch Tesla Synopsys

With all the moving parts Tesla has going on right now, it can be hard to get a handle on what is in store for 2020. This video is a great one-stop-shop to learn about the year ahead for TSLA.

It’s over for TSLA shorts

They had fun while it lasted. And I have to admit, they did a superb job of driving TSLA down to the best of their ability. TSLA has been a battle ground for the last 5+ years and owning the stock has been a huge roller coaster ride without much gain. And why? FUD. The […]

Prediction: TSLA will hit $600/share as soon as June 2020. Maybe even $800/share?

My prediction is in red. However, this is only linear reality. Tesla’s production has been growing exponentially. So it could very well go like this: Here is where I think Tesla is going in by June 2020 in terms of production: Chart from HyperCharts.co Update Jan 8 2020 Looks like escape velocity to me. Congrats […]

Grimes Cyberpunk 2077

Love Grimes.

The CyberTruck Distraction

The CyberTruck unveil was both awesome and a bomb. I tuned in so Elon could talk me out of buying one. Despite a broken window (via massive ball bearing) and shocking design, I registered ASAP. And then the market tried to FUD it. I expected that. Honestly, if you saw Elon’s teaser teaser image, you […]

How dumb as fuck do you have to be to short TSLA right now?

They just built a brand new factory in the last 12 months. In the country that is the largest EV market on the planet. The beginning of a Model 3 ramp. A different Model 3 that qualifies for subsidies in China. And they are building on a battery factory to their car factory to reduce […]