Must Watch Tesla Synopsys

With all the moving parts Tesla has going on right now, it can be hard to get a handle on what is in store for 2020. This video is a great one-stop-shop to learn about the year ahead for TSLA.

It’s over for TSLA shorts

They had fun while it lasted. And I have to admit, they did a superb job of driving TSLA down to the best of their ability. TSLA has been a battle ground for the last 5+ years and owning the stock has been a huge roller coaster ride without much gain. And why? FUD. The […]

Prediction: TSLA will hit $600/share as soon as June 2020. Maybe even $800/share?

My prediction is in red. However, this is only linear reality. Tesla’s production has been growing exponentially. So it could very well go like this: Here is where I think Tesla is going in by June 2020 in terms of production: Chart from Update Jan 8 2020 Looks like escape velocity to me. Congrats […]

Grimes Cyberpunk 2077

Love Grimes.

The CyberTruck Distraction

The CyberTruck unveil was both awesome and a bomb. I tuned in so Elon could talk me out of buying one. Despite a broken window (via massive ball bearing) and shocking design, I registered ASAP. And then the market tried to FUD it. I expected that. Honestly, if you saw Elon’s teaser teaser image, you […]

How dumb as fuck do you have to be to short TSLA right now?

They just built a brand new factory in the last 12 months. In the country that is the largest EV market on the planet. The beginning of a Model 3 ramp. A different Model 3 that qualifies for subsidies in China. And they are building on a battery factory to their car factory to reduce […]

Tesla flips $9M/qtr switch

*for potential sales* Latest in Tesla news over the weekend Tesla not-so-quietly begins to charge $9.99 for “Premium Internet”. While this does not impact myself since I received my car prior to July 1 2018 and was grandfathered into free Premium Internet for life, it will impact those who took delivery shortly after that date. […]

Grimes at the Cybertruck Unveil

I will admit. Before Elon, I had never heard of Grimes. But she is awesome and I really dig her music. I was actually hoping she would have done some sort of pre-show thing. Maybe with the tesla coil would be cool if not too loud. There was a tonne of time to wait before […]