Redoing the Dishwasher

Not my dishwasher. All dishwashers. Current options: Litres of Water used Dishes clean Rate Size Cost/year Manual wash 15L – 18L 1 – 10/min w: 12″ – 32″l: 12″ – 24″h: 6″ – 16″ $8200 (@$15/hr) Dish Washing Machine 15L – 20L 1.66/min w: 18″ – 24″l: 24″h: 35″ $150 (energy) + $100 equipment/service The […]

Should I be the #1 TSLA Analyst?

I estimated Tesla would deliver 113,200 cars this quarter. Tesla delivered 112,000 cars. I overshot by 1,200 cars. How did you do Wall St.? My price Target on TSLA is currently $800 in July 2020. Congratulations to Tesla Employees, Elon and congratulations to all new owners! Current predictions for Q1 and Q2 2020 are 171,000 […]

Redoing Vs. Leaving it be

This is the big question. And everybody should give you a different answer because there is only so much you can do and redoing shit doesn’t move your forward. Unless it does. The answer can often depend on how short-sighted you want to be. There is always an option to leave things alone, preferably stable […]

MySQL w/ JSON Support

Man… MySQL with JSON Support is fucking tight! Pull out the keys and save the rest as JSON. It’s that simple.

First Principles

First to give you some context, I only became aware of the phrase “First Principles” recently. I don’t quite know everything there is about it, but I have started to look at this from a software development perspective in the work I create and I can tell you how I am applying what I know […]

Elon Musk MasterClass

While there are many MasterClasses which Elon Musk could give and I would happily take… this probably isn’t one of them. Who are we kidding? I’d still take it.

Why is TSLA rallying past $420?

If you’ve been following TSLA for the last year you have seen a company incrementally breaking their own records. But for the better part of the year, the stock was down. Why? To sum it up, sentiment. There was strong bullish sentiment all along, but announcing quarterly losses, raising capital, paying off huge loans due, […]

TSLA hits $420!!!!!

I wanted to sell some shares at $420 just because. These shares I purchased at $194 during the big dip. Congrats to Tesla and all other TSLA Longs! My next take profit will be $800/share.

Tesla Knight Rider Mode 2020

It is quite common for Elon Musk to pay tribute with Easter Eggs, Inspiration Credit, or just flat out blatant features like “Keep Summer Safe” which stem from pop culture television and movies. One amazing car which Elon and Tesla have yet to pay tribute to is Knight Rider. What is so cool about Knight […]