My Honours Project – Golf Game

I was pretty ambitious back in 2003 taking on a Golf Game written in Java. While it didn’t turn out to be a full fledged golf game, I had the beginnings of a 3D engine, forked from a Surface Plotter written by Yanto Suryono. I had a hole creator and I had the physics integrated […]

Memory is Funny

I remember telling people that I wrote a 22 page paper on SPAM back in 2003. It was 16 years ago. And as it turns out, the paper was 41 pages. And I found it when recovering an old drive today. Here it is:

How Tesla can Solve Idle Fees

When you park at a Super Charger, you can leave your car to charge while you go grab a bite or do some shopping. At some point though, your car will finish charging. After that, you are taking up a parking spot with your car plugged in. This is where “Idle Fees” kick in. If […]

Voting Green Party

I watched Elizabeth May last night answer questions. This is going to sound like a total paid endorsement but it is not. For the first time ever, I see a party which aligns with exactly what I want. I have no choice but to give them my full support. I am not going to encourage […]

The Biggest Benefit to Social Media

I wish I could remember the headline of the article my boss posted tonight. I no longer have access to it because I unfriended him. Coming on Facebook and posting something along the lines of making a comment like “This is a really well written article with many good points.” and the title of the […]


Badgination is the tactic of exposing a controversial headline to a user to instil a view upon them. The headline is either descriptive enough for a user to conclude the headline shall be take as truth or is click bait. When landing on the click bait site, the user quickly abandons reading to completion due […]

Beware of Badgination

After 7 or so years as a Web Developer, I explored the idea of being a marketer. I have always had great respect for “Marketing Guys”. Even though calling them that is a huge insult (they typically are the most conscious of job titles and seemingly hold titles in high esteem) I think it is […]

Cambridge Analytica

I recently reviewed the video The Great Hack from Netflix. Upon looking to cite the link above as a source, I stumbled upon a top Google result (currently second only to the Netflix trailer page itself) called What Netflix’s ‘Great Hack’ Gets Wrong About Cambridge Analytica and subtitled: The British consulting firm didn’t steal the […]

The Cost of Pollution

“This research shows that renewables pay for themselves through health benefits alone,” lead author Emil Dimanchev, a senior research associate at the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Research, told The Verge.