Where is Tesla Losing Money

In the TSLA Q1 Update we know: Cash Flow and Liquidity Our cash position decreased from $3.7 billion to $2.2 billion mainly due to a $920 million repayment of convertible notes, of which $188 million negatively impacted operating cash flow. Gigafactory Shanghai will be almost fully funded through local debt. Thus far, we have secured […]

Sentry Mode 2.0 (or 3.0?)

On Aug 10 2018, I originally wrote about a Tesla intrusion detection system. It wasn’t spot on, but it basically foresaw Tesla using cameras to detect intrusion. As of a few weeks ago Sentry Mode has been updated to stay on and allow you to input more settings such as the ability to configure when […]

The real TSLA share price

Whether you are a Bull or a Bear on TSLA, you have to have a price that you really think it is worth at this point in time. That price can change for you over time, but consider what do you think TSLA is worth right now? Are you factoring in all the best reasons? […]

Playing Netflix in a Model 3

A hacker did it It is cool. I personally don’t see it worth time to focus on developing something Tesla has committed to giving but… it is cool.

Hybrids are to cars what the 28.8 bps modem was to the internet.

UThinking about getting a Hybrid? It might seem like a good idea if you talk to a Hybrid owner. They may even save upwards of 90% on gas. The problem with hybrids is the sheer number of parts. To keep them cost competitive you need literally the cheapest of both worlds. As such, any company […]

Hey Google, want to know why I’m not converting on your YouTube Premium?

I paid for cable. It cost me $70/mo to sit through tonnes of commercials. Wife pays like $10/mo for Netflix. No commercials at all and tonnes of content. It is a weird gap between commercials and not commercials. The Netflix membership really has nothing to do with why I am not converting. Just thought it […]

Tornado Gun

It’s been a pretty crazy red wine night. So let’s see how this blog turns out. My idea is a Tornado Neutraliser. Based on research from NOAA let’s assume we can compute with cameras tornado physics real-time. That is, we can point a camera and detect different physical points of velocities from atmospheric movement at […]

Why does Tesla needs advertising? To get the fucking media to lay off.

If you are a media source, how are you funded? Advertisers. If Tesla doesn’t feel obliged to provide those media companies money, then why should they show loyalty to Tesla? Other car companies give advertising money. These companies can leverage the threat of removing these ad dollars. And if the ad dollars go away, with […]

Starlink could bridge Tesla Camera + AR/VR to Make Driving 30 cars from home a Reality

Tesla has made and kept many promises. Some they have not kept may be because puzzle pieces were missing. With the addition of Starlink satellites, high bandwidth becomes very achievable especially when they have no load on the system. You have a brand new high capacity network with no user traffic. If Starlink is going […]