November 22nd, 2019

CyberTruck Specs

The morning after: After seeing social media fallout of this truck, people and TSLA are behaving pretty much exactly how I expected they would. When you come out and say “…this truck won’t be for everyone…” he pretty much nailed it. I reserved because I was going to no matter what. In fact, the reservation […]

November 21st, 2019

How to CAPITALIZE your T$LA position

How can one double their position on Tesla? Well, if you were to buy low and sell high in the last 6 months, you would have doubled your money. How can you capitalize on Tesla volatility? Let’s start with 1000 shares. When is the best time to get in? Obviously at the bottom. So how […]

October 30th, 2019

The Battery Disruption

What happens when Tesla starts making higher density batteries? What happens when Tesla gets to 1TW/year cell production? What happens when Tesla decides to start making AA batteries?

October 24th, 2019

The TSLA Story Since 2015

I can’t speak to the TSLA story pre-2015 as I didn’t experience it. But ever since 2015 I have seen the same things happen over and over again. FUD Tesla Product Reveals Bad Tweets SEC Scandals Alleged Demand Problems Gigafactories Stock price volatility Interviews Superchargers Production Ramp Spending Volatility Autonomous Driving Safety tests Feature Releases/OTA […]

October 23rd, 2019

Tesla up over $50/share after hours

So, here is an interesting thing. What secret has been better kept than Tesla’s earnings per share Q3 to make the stock spike over $50? Well, I guess there are many. The CyberTruck for starters. This quarter, we didn’t get Elon a month early dissn’ short sellers on Twitter. That helps. Thanks Elon! Much better! […]

Did Dyson strike a deal with Tesla not to make EVs?

This article is pure speculation. If I were Dyson, and I were looking at the big business picture, I would recognise my dependency on Li-ion batteries. The cost of my batteries heavily impacts the cost of my vacuum devices to my customers and my margins as well. Having somebody working towards getting the costs of […]

October 18th, 2019

Elon’s Twitter Rants

Elon Musk behaves impulsively on Twitter. So does everybody else, but Elon is not allowed. He is not allowed because a person in his position could leak material information. He has a lot of cards he is playing close to the chest, so he needs to tread carefully. And apparently the SEC has rules. Control […]

A Self Driving Future

Imagine a future where transportation is quick and even quicker when you plan ahead. You need a car and one shows up instantly to take you wherever you want to go. On a $40,700 Tesla Model 3 leased today, Tesla will collect $6,289 +$2,500 +($399 * 36) = $23,153 for leasing the car to a […]

Tesla Q3 Cars Delivered 97,000, Tesla 2017 Cars Delivered 103,091

Tesla has one more chance this year to post a quarterly delivered results of what they were able to achieve for the entire year 2017. If they do this, they will have quadrupled deliveries since 2017 (or doubled year over year). Meanwhile, the stock price…