March 30th, 2021

Here are the features which made me choose Magento over Shopify:

  • Source code access

Not having source code access is a deal breaker. I have synced millions of products to Shopify in the last 4 years. I even figured out clever ways around their leaky bucket rate limits.

To extend Shopify, you have to do it either inside their admin UI, or not at all.

If you go down the path of having a proprietary admin panel or any admin panel and integrate it with Shopify, you easily have years of dev cut out for you to build the bridges necessary for both systems to sync.

As such, looking at what Magento is/does and can be, I see all the pieces I need access to with no rate limits and no rate limits work-arounds.

Magento is also Open Source. Written in PHP/MySQL. Maintained by Adobe. It really is a PHP wet dream.

It is so powerful, I consider it years ahead of where I am in my current job just with the basic install.

$TSLA is going to pay my salary from now on. I am going to focus on and I will sell stock as I need to buy food and Cybertrucks.

I will use Magento in all it's glory by extending it to meet every Tesla idea I can think to apply it's toolset.

Starting with and followed by

NearSuperchargers will be a perpetual endeavour starting from 0 products and attempting to index every product around Superchargers at a pace where it exceeds the rate of Tesla putting in Superchargers. Ie: I am catching up but always behind.

@CodingMark and @MotherFrunker, if you have ideas in ways to use Magento and/or want access to help, let me know.

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I am TSLA Long. Model 3 Owner. Brother of a Model 3 owner. Son of a Model S owner. I have reservations for Slate Roof and Cybertruck. I am a Tesla speculator and fanboy. I am not a financial advisor. Investing in anything comes with inherent risk. This is not financial advice.