November 11th, 2020

If I were to be hired by Tesla today, I would be fucked.

Loose ends need to be tied, but beyond that, there is a good chance I would fail.

There are many jobs at Tesla I would be terrible at. So finding the right position is key.

I can think of a way where I would be less likely to fail. But it will take time.

I think this is a much better way in to Tesla:

Tesla is buying computer vision start-up DeepScale in a quest to create truly driverless cars

DeepScale was a group of Engineers who banded together to solve a problem and Tesla hired as a group.

The reason DeepScale employees are more likely to succeed is because they are just continuing to do what they do once they begin working directly for Tesla. The rookie mistakes, have already been made. They are probably even given the opportunity at Tesla to begin again with everything they've learned, as I believe this may yield Tesla the best result.

So that means, I am looking for Developers to band together with me to solve a problem that Tesla will need solved.

Ideally, Tesla provides us some options so we don't overlap with what they are already working on internally. And just so it is fair, for each "in the future it will be necessary to..." should be a competition like the SpaceX Pod.

And what would be even better, is if Tesla provided us with an old git branch of their current PHP tech. The Slim framework they have going.

I am thinking they will need a "Services Portal" for autonomous delivery so that customers could summon product delivery from local stores with Cybertrucks etc.

The way to get purchase to you in the least amount of time is to have the purchase continuously in your direction as the highest speed possible until it is in your hands.

Elon Musk has said that his Autonomy numbers factor in 50% wasted driving.

Currently when I want to buy an item at the physical store, I go to the store (10 minutes), get the item (1 minute), and go home (10 minutes).

The entire trip takes 21 minutes. If instead of having the car go to the store, if the car was already at the store, I could get the item in 11 minutes if somebody put the purchase in the car.

So where should we keep the cars? At the SuperChargers where there are awesome stores. I just registered

I think it makes sense to build a site where stores can deliver goods to Teslas in SuperChargers. See? I don't need to be hired by Tesla to make awesome shit for Tesla.

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I am TSLA Long. Model 3 Owner. Brother of a Model 3 owner. Son of a Model S owner. I have reservations for Slate Roof and Cybertruck. I am a Tesla speculator and fanboy. I am not a financial advisor. Investing in anything comes with inherent risk. I own short term NKLA PUTS.