September 9th, 2020

Finally a company with the sense to copy Tesla as much as possible.

In technology, as improvements arise it is really difficult to stay cutting edge. It is a forever struggle to advance every single thing at the same time. It becomes impossible.

Now consider the above challenge with regards to a legacy automaker such as GM. GM has to migrate really old shitty tech to bleeding edge. Major problems occur from having to support old tech while putting all the necessary focus on getting ahead. And since you've been in the game since before Tesla you are trying different avenues and you have ads and dividends and dealerships and on and on.

Now consider the above challenge with regards to Lucid. They benefit from all Tesla's lessons learned by starting late and not depend on legacy tech. They can use social media for ads and hope to avoid ad $. They don't bleed money by giving dividends and they can go from website to customer with a simple cost effective ordering system.

When I look at whether they can be successful with that model, I would say they definitely have several legs up on legacy auto. They also seem to have some pretty cool tech, decent batteries, good software.

I think they will do really well if they become a supplier. It makes really good sense to be the car that everybody else puts body's on.

The biggest drawback of the Lucid is that they haven't yet partnered with Tesla on the SuperCharger network. But I don't see why without the right adapters, why that couldn't happen in the future. Tesla has said they are open to this in the past. That would be a very good thing.

Other notes, Lucid is owned by  Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. So they should be well funded.

I think Lucid has a real shot at success. It will be interesting to see production ramp over time. I agree with Rob Mauer that they will sell everything they make. I think they will make a lot.

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