May 13th, 2019

Right now Tesla is contracting LTE from Telecom providers.

But SpaceX is launching satellites for Internet.

Most likely Tesla will switch contracts to SpaceX instead of Telecom providers.

If SpaceX gives Tesla a break on the fees they would otherwise pay, it would be win-win for Tesla and SpaceX. Tesla gets a better deal and SpaceX lands a huge Internet contract.

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Electric Vehicles

May 13th, 2019

Please excuse my lack of attention to spell checking and grammar. I was probably busy thinking about better variable names. I am a Model 3 owner and lover and TSLA long only ever looking to increase position as the exponential growth in TSLA revenue will inevitably dominate the failing FUD. Sending a dumb tweet is easy. Building a Gigafactory are not. (See what I mean about the grammar?) Place your bets accordingly.