May 8th, 2019

Of course, it is illegal to be in a driver’s seat hammered, or at least it should be.

But, what if the car was 100x safer to drive than a human even with a pissed drunk at the wheel?

If autonomous cars can drive around with nobody in them, I don’t see why it couldn’t let you ride shotgun hammered with nobody in the driver’s seat.

Can you imagine if everybody drove in autonomous Tesla’s and legislation gets on board? There would be no more DUI’s and no more car accidents.

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Self Driving

May 8th, 2019

Please excuse my lack of attention to spell checking and grammar. I was probably busy thinking about better variable names. I am a Model 3 owner and lover and TSLA long only ever looking to increase position as the exponential growth in TSLA revenue will inevitably dominate the failing FUD. Sending a dumb tweet is easy. Building a Gigafactory are not. (See what I mean about the grammar?) Place your bets accordingly.