March 19th, 2019
  1. Virtual reality remote driving system implementation.
  2. Pothole avoidance algorithm and implementation
  3. Delivery logistics – program self driving cars to auto load onto delivery trucks.
  4. Email CRM focused on owner feature education – Provide Car stats, Recommend Feature Videos based on usage or lack thereof
  5. Voice command development (seat heaters, thermostat, fan speed, etc.)
  6. Facial recognition entry
  7. Welcome to Tesla, new car orientation upon delivery
  8. Tesla customer polls/owner market research
  9. Model 3 Audio support that lets you replay a song via voice command
  10. Referral Program – System which connects owners with prospective buyers and encourages registered test drives for referral rewards. Test drivers who purchase have tracking delegated to most recent test drive owner.

March 23 Update: moved Referral Program revival from #1 to #9 as it has been revived and no longer requires high priority.

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March 19th, 2019

Please excuse my lack of attention to spell checking and grammar. I was probably busy thinking about better variable names. I am a Model 3 owner and lover and TSLA long only ever looking to increase position as the exponential growth in TSLA revenue will inevitably dominate the failing FUD. Sending a dumb tweet is easy. Building a Gigafactory are not. (See what I mean about the grammar?) Place your bets accordingly.